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* To be different from our competitors.  BIG, OVERSIZED dog daycares and kennels lack the warmth, personalization and love that Poochies Plus will offer.  Our customers WILL NOT pay extra for playtime, feedings, kisses, love or potty breaks.

* To give dog owners peace of mind while they can't be with their beloved four legged family members. Our goal is to keep your dog happy.....remember a happy dog is a good dog.
*Offer a social environment where your dog can play with their friends and enjoy loads of activity. Owners will benefit from guilt free days at work or play and can have a calm, relaxed, socialized dog at night.  Dog's are social animals and benefit from being able to interact with other dogs.

*Simply put, we will be the best PERSONAL dog day care in town!!

Our Goals
  • To provide your dog with needed attention, exercise and mental stimulation.
  • To positively impact the daily life or your four legged family member.
  • Reduce your dog's everyday boredom.

The owners of Poochies Plus are canine first aid certified.